How To Make Your Caribbean Dream Reality

It has been over 5 years since we acted on our dream of owning in the Caribbean. The dream itself started many years ago and the dream and desire kept getting stronger with every Canadian winter that passed.

Linda and I were born and raised on the Saskatchewan and Manitoba prairies. We thought 10 feet of snow and -40c was normal. Back then there was no internet to show us that there were actually places you could live without snow and our families were all working hard and seemed content just where we were.

Our internet were magazines pretty much. Nat Geo magazine had a lot of great articles and pictures of pristine beaches and remote islands. It always seemed like a distant dream, actually not even a dream, just something you could never have. Something meant for the rich and famous. We were wrong.

I often say now, I wish we had made the move when we were younger. So many wasted months locked inside a home with the furnace cranked, humidifier spewing enough water to freeze up all your windows, cases of lock-dicer for your car door, battery blankets, and happiness was finding a deluxe “save your back” snow shovel on sale at Canadian Tire.

But here we are. In lovely Sint Maarten in the Caribbean. The perfect island for us, our lifestyle and our family. In other posts we have mentioned why we have selected Sint Maarten, but the important piece is how. And the answer is simple, no matter what your situation.

Just do it. Honestly it’s that simple. One foot in front of the other.

Linda and I dropped out of our careers and business fully in Calgary. Sold almost everything we owned, and moved. People were shocked, especially family. It was a closely guarded goal, one that if you share with your friends and family could get trampled down to “you won’t go’” or ”you are crazy”. So don’t tell people. Just see yourself on that beach, working in a warmer climate, enjoying the Caribbean life. And when you see it enough and it imprints on your brain, you will make it happen. Just like any other goal or intention.

I have posted most ways of getting here and the protocol under our other articles on our website (FAQ). That is the paperwork side. But keep in mind one thing, you must decide to go to the Caribbean as a definite plan, then make all the moving pieces fit together: your finances, your family, your health care etc… and all of it is workable. All of it can be done, you just have to put one foot in front of the other after every step. Finally, both your feet will be in the sand and people will be saying “wow, you are so lucky!” No, you are persistent and worked your ass off to get here. Just like us.


Mario & Linda Molinari

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